Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rebels/Braves: Game 2

Before we get to the nitty gritty of Game 2, some congratulations and a bit of house-cleaning are in order.

First, as promised, some post-game thoughts from Game 1, courtesy of Darren Tarasoff. To listen, click here.

Congratulations to Rebels goaltender Andrew Walton for being named the Neil Murdoch Division MVP in a ceremony before puck-drop last night. Head coach Brent Heaven was also named the division's Coach of the Year, kudos to him as well.

Game 2 tonight (7:30, Castlegar Complex) between the Rebels and the Braves promises to be a continuation of the love-less affair we saw last night in Game 1. It didn't take long for these two rivals' long-festering hatred of each other to manifest itself in this series, and I'd expect the physicality, extra-curriculars and all-around ill will to continue tonight.

One thing the Rebels must improve on though, is discipline. They gave the Braves 8 power plays last night, and if not for more stellar penalty-killing by the likes of Taylor Anderson and Keagan Little last night's outcome could have been quite different. Watch for the Spokane top line of Dylan Tappe, Joel Stewart and Jake Peterson to generate offense for the visitors. They along with Jesse Collins and Uriah Machuga were the most dangerous Braves last night.

Shots on goal will be key as well. The Rebels preached a high shot count as instrumental to their success: no wonder their 23 second-period shots helped break the ice thanks to Darren Tarasoff's eventual game-winner.

We will have a webcast available for tonight's game, that will be accessible at game time by clicking here. Thanks to a father-and-son team from Spokane who've donated their time this weekend, we're now able to more accurately gauge how next season's webcasts will be made possible. As always though, it's always more fun to check the Rebels out live, here's hoping for another barn-burner!

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