Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Audio, Audio and More Audio

Time for a much needed update to the audio bank, beginning with a couple of conversations with injured Smokies I had over the weekend:

For Kyle Horsman, click here, while my chat with Josh Roberts can be listened to here.

I spoke with Vipers assistant (and former Nelson coach) Chris Shaw before Saturday's game (listen here), and Trail forward Garrett McMullen after the 2-1 overtime loss (listen here).

I caught up with Grand Forks Border Bruins head coach Brent Batten last night before their game in Castlegar (click here), Arthur Andrews of the Rebels took time to chat afterwards (click here).

Nelson Leafs voice Adam Kamara talked to former Smokies defenseman J.J. Beitel following his five-point performance against Grand Forks Saturday (click here).

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