Monday, September 24, 2012

Smokies/Warriors Highlights

In case you missed Friday's game against West Kelowna, I've put together a highlight package for your viewing pleasure. I know my predecessors have done a great job in the past of putting clips together and after being put aside last season, I'm happy to announce that home game highlights will be a regular feature on the blog and the Smoke Eaters website again this season.

Also for your enjoyment, some audio tidbits from the weekend are now up for grabs.

For Bill Birks' thoughts before Friday's game, click here.

To hear Adam Wheeldon's take on Friday's win, click here.

For a pre-game conversation from Saturday with Brent Heaven, click here.

I also chatted with Vipers forward Aaron Hadley before Saturday's game, to listen, click here.

And belatedly, my conversation with BCHL Commissioner John Grisdale prior to last Saturday's game in Merritt is now available. To listen, click here.


Anonymous said...


Last year you vented on here and the message boards when I called out your teams terrible website and lack of marketing. You went into a big lecture on how a marketing person would be hired and the club's website would be improving and now, fast forward to this year and once again, its the worst website in the league, never updated in a timely manner and very lack luster.

So, again, will this be improving or like the on-ice product...should we just look ahead to next year?

Frank R.

Chris Wahl said...


Thanks for the feedback, I'm always open to suggestions.

You must have me confused with someone else on the message board though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris,

Pretty sure it was you who went on about how things would be changing and you weren't a full time time employee dedicated to the web etc.

Regardless, will the website improve? Will it be updated on a timely manner? Will it have a better look and feel...quite frankly just like a coach/scout visit/winning program and marketing/website these are recruiting tools.

Frank R.

Chris Wahl said...

I might have said that here but I haven't posted on the forum since Trail hired me last summer.

Within the parameters given me by the website structure, sure there will be more content as we go forward. I might add though anytime that there's been a news item to release (trade, commitment, hiring etc), it gets posted there at the same time it's sent out to the press.